Apr 28, 2017
MaximoHentaisama (All reviews)
Review to Daraku Reijou The Animation: "Training records of netorare with a sheltered rich girl"

Plot: Yuusuke starts dating a rich girl, Yurika. But she prefers to be with another guy...

*NTR (8/10)
*Rape (8/10)
*Big Boobs (9/10)
*Virgin (7/10)
*Schoolgirl (8/10)
*Mindbreak (9/10)
*Creampie (8/10)

Good points:
- Excellent animation and a very faithful adaptation to the manga.
- The rape scene is very good. (See that precious moment that succumbs to the guy is beautiful)
- Close-ups are very good!

Bad points:
- Generic NTR

Character: The personalities of the characters are basic, but they fulfill their purpose very well.
✓ Yuusuke is a good guy.
✓ Yurika is undecided in her feelings.

Although there are better NTRs with better "plot", this Hentai stands out for good animation and character design. An excellent adaptation of 17 minutes far superior to others titles (Jitaku Keiibin, Shiiku x Kanojo) I give 8/10.