Apr 28, 2017
bhivania (All reviews)
This anime is for you if like shemale , big boobs and teachers
and is not for you if you are looking for morden and beautiful looking art(drawing)

Story(8/10) Don't wanna spoil the story but from hentai standards it has a story otherwise there's no story in most of the hentai now days

art(6/10) This anime was released in 2004 but some reason drawings and animation style is out dated but there's an uncensored version of this so that's a plus side I mean what good the art work will do if every useful thing is pixelated.

sound (7/10) Sound is pretty normal and i don't have any complaints from my side.

character (8/10) Nothing outstanding but the lead women is dominant and thats what i like.

Enjoyment(9/10) The sex scene are really intense

overall(8/10)I enjoyed this because this is an uncommon hentai i mean all the hentai are pretty much the same and this one is a little different.