Apr 26, 2017
ChivbagTalksalot (All reviews)
At this point in time when the show has just begun, it is fairly enjoyable. An average shonen with good production.
Though with that said, there are deep problems already surfacing with the writing, the biggest of which being that all the characters are way too powerful for their age. We have child characters capable of massive summons and advanced elemental techniques. This is on top of the fact that it is set in the Naruto world which is already deeply flawed as it is.
It would have been nice if the show returned to its humble roots with characters being modestly powerful and fights being about technique. Instead we will be getting the same old trash of who can make the biggest explosions and flashy effects happen on the screen.
I predict that any modicum of logic will have been forgotten by around the 200th episode, at which point most people would have dropped the show.
Enjoy the fun while it lasts.