Apr 26, 2017
Kuzuna (All reviews)
[ May contain very small spoilers for episode 1 ]

As for the series itself... The idea of young girls with special abilities being experimented on inside of an institute has been used over and over in anime. One such example is Elfen Lied. Despite this cliché, one of the more attractive elements of the series is the main male lead, Zouroku. He is an elderly and brusque man with a strong independency. Despite his perhaps slightly misleading personality, he is a florist. Zouroku has a very good reputation - so much so that even the yakuza pay for his services.

The relationship between Sana, the lead character, and Zouroku is one that reminds us of a grandfather-granddaughter relationship, which seems perfect for two of them. I believe that Zouroku's unique strength of character will be a huge factor in the enjoyment and hype of this series. His strength lies more within his heart and ideals than his mind or body. I personally found myself wanting to know more about Zouroku than any of the other characters. I think it'll also be interesting to discover how he handles situations in future episodes.

Another aspect of the series that is very important to me is the character development. Wih what has been released so far, it has already shown very realistic and well-done character development. They show it from the way they move to the way they interact to what they say. This is a major part of enjoying anime for me, and I think the character development by the end of the series will have been amazing.

The characters and the story seem pretty good, and the voice acting works very well. Also, the music for this anime is very well done (background music, OP, ED etc.) One of the biggest problems I've had with this anime is the animation in episode 1. There are plenty of anime that use CGI. There are even some (such as Seikaisuru Kado) that are made almost entirely with CGI. While the normal animation of the series is okay, the CGI sequences, such as rhe chase scene in episode 1, seem a little clunky and rushed. I was a bit disappointed. I also personally didn't like the animation of the characters' eyes during episode 1, but that aspect quickly grew on me.

Although the characters and story are good, and it begins with a great setup, the first episode wasn't as enjoyable as it should've been. It was more average than good. It was definitely enjoyable, but I feel as if it somehow could've been done better. After watching the next few episodes, my opinion changed to a more positive one. However, the first episode does give us a good introduction to the characters and the sides fighting, provides us with a backstory and a feeling of sympathy for the main character, and also demonstrates why this ability of hers is so feared. Their personalities also come through well. It left me with lots of questions that are (thankfully) all answered throughout the course of the series.

I think the series still has yet to blossom a bit more and deepen the relationships and create more experiences between the characters. It looks like it still has a lot more potential.