Apr 26, 2017
YuuChanneru (All reviews)
I am a big fan of Kaleido Star and there is a huge reason why this Episode was absolutely unacceptable for me. If you look very very very closely you will see a lot of camera angles you have not seen before in the Anime. You can just look at the Opening and you will notice it. It's not about Kaleido Star anymore. It's about the sexualisation of the female characters in this OVA. Somehow the characters lost their usual feeling and I see a lot of people doing extremely strange things that are over the top or not so in character. The characters feel used, not brought into the episode normally. And somehow the female body parts are very, very emphasized, even with Rosetta. The actual performance at the end is not even important. What the heck. You will get what you can get from 1000 other Anime this time. Boobs, ass, legs, and yeah the, don't do that with the male cast. This episode really disappointed me and is a disgrace for Kaleido Star. The directors should be ashamed.