Apr 25, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
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No vocals it is instrumental instead
art film

-Introduction was a success. A good intro shows and describes the main character and what is goal will be.

-conclusion was a disappointment and mystifying. In the middle of the movie there is a mini battle of sorts. That requires a godly act to end it. Fast forwarding we end with a vast amount of soldiers and an act that isn't got like ends it. Maybe it wouldn't have been so depressing and down putting if there wasn't a meeting held to discuss what actions to take. For in the meeting it was made clear that although there were multiple ways in going about it none seemed to be the best.

-The message behind the story was kind. Went with the idea that never give up hope no matter how big the problem is.

This was a mess. While at some points i can agree the change in art style was appreciated for it provided a meaningful flair. Although, the constant jumps in later art styles was not only pointless but confusing. You had stills, then black and white, color, lack of color, old style cartoon and so forth.

While there was good background music that matched the tempo of the story the animation could have benefited from sound effects.

-moderate in depth in background
- normally i find when a story portrays a certain character from the rest i expect to see that character progress until the end. Instead it was as if the main character died.

This is like a Disney film based on a pro nature perspective. Although, given how it was produced i don't see it ever coming close to great films like Frozen.