Apr 24, 2017
reherd (All reviews)
This show, about children with special abilities being used as lab specimens, is likely to be very far over the line for anyone who is or has been a parent. It's moderately well done, I guess, if the viewer lacks a certain moral sensitivity, for example many teen-aged children have not had the time and experience to develop a mature moral perspective. My rating, as a parent, is based on my own extreme distaste for depicting child abuse as entertainment, even if the abusers are, as I expect will happen later in the series, apprehended and the children "escape" -- the trauma for the victiims (and also the victimisers) is not something that could be remedied in the real world. Of course I know that the background of this series is not the real world, but still...

IMO, CR should be ashamed to even carry anything like this series. What were they thinking of? At the very least this series should carry a warning that it depicts violence to children in the plot synopsis.