Apr 23, 2017
yoomoonplop (All reviews)
I'll make this kinda short and simple.

Story (5/10): Not bad. I really did like the concept in the beginning with all the acceleration and everything, but where the actual story ended up was pretty bad. The main character made this even worse. After the first half of the series, I had to force myself to finish the series because I wanted to see if it gets any better and because I didn't want to be biased and rate this without even completing the anime.

Art (9/10): I like it. It's flashy and also has really well done moments with the dark atmosphere.

Sound (9/10): Well... no complaints here.

Character (1/10): I actually didn't want to watch this anime because the main character's appearance was so lame, but a friend told me to try it out. Back then I thought, "I guess I shouldn't judge a book by it's covers before actually trying it out." Now I think to myself, "Why did I listen to my friend? Is he even my friend?" Anyways, time to rate the characters: Literally trash. I thought the main character from Mirai Nikki was useless, but then I see this... The main character makes everything so infuriating. The fact is, he is a loser... however, because of this I was expecting improvement or something at least, but this character just makes dumb mistakes, does dumb things, and pisses me off while doing it. There are a lot of characters that are losers who improve such as the main character from Boku no Hero Academia. I assure you, Deku is like 100x better than Haruyuki. Haruyuki just doesn't change. He just stays like the weak little chibi he is and never improves. I have literally nothing good to say about the main character, but Chiyuri became much more frustrating near the end of the series. I won't spoil anything, but wow... never thought there would be a day where I'd hate someone more than Haruyuki. The only "good" character was Kuroyukihime because of her calm and collected personality. She never really does anything that is infuriating or idiotic which is really nice. Well, since I have nothing better to say, I'm just going to end my rant here. I think you get the idea of how I personally think about the characters.

Enjoyment (2/10): Well, considering the ratings so far, I really doubt I enjoyed it.

Overall (5/10): I did give it a 5 because I'm somewhat of an easy grader, but if I was forced to watch it again, I'd rather watch Boku no Pico. Honestly, I actually enjoyed SAO unlike many other people, so since this was by the same creator, I expected at least something good to come out of this series. All I actually got was anger and rage.