Apr 23, 2017
Stranger_Hanyo (All reviews)
First of all let me tell you, Alice to Zouroku is not your usual anime. It's quite a strange one and the story is kinda intriguing too.

The anime revolves around people who posses a strange power called 'Alice's Dream'. They can materialize anything they imagine and our MC, Sana happens to be the most powerful of them all. She was bound in a research facility but then escapes and ends up with a grumpy florist called Zouroku. How they bond and become a family is what the story is all about.

First, the story is a new one. It is being adapted from a manga of the same name, which I have to read at some point of time. The development of characters and strengthening of family bonds play a strong part in this anime, and honestly you'll love it.

As for the art, it was just horrible in the first episode. That awful CGI made me wash my eyes with bleach and I had planned to drop it. But thankfully, they amped up the animation from the second episode. Though it's still not up to the mark, it can be still seen.

The sound is pretty good. The ED is so calm and peaceful that I'm already in love with it. The OP is kinda quirky but it's enjoyable nonetheless.

Character development plays a strong part in Alice to Zouroko. We see Sana becoming more adaptive to human emotions and feelings. Zouroku's grumpy but lovable Grandpa is enjoying. There are also some dark characters like Minnie C, who gives of an air of a complete psychotic killer.

Overall the enjoyment is pretty good in Alice to Zouroku. While not as good as many other shows this season, Alice to Zouroku manages to hold out on its own and create a place for itself. Until it botches up, I think this show can get a position in the top 10 anime this season easily. Watch this show just to see Sana and Zouroku's bonding, trust me, it's really heart warming and enjoyable.