Apr 3, 2010
Su14 (All reviews)
I like this anime ^^
It's about a girl's life, Luchia. When she was young she saved a boy's life by her pearl.They fall in love with each others. However this pearl was the key of her voice to sing. Later she has to change into human and get her pearl back from that boy because sea is in danger and her voice is needed too.
Not so long later there will be friends who fight on her side. They are Hanon and Lina. Hanon is a happy girl who always smiles. Lina is the totally opposite of Hanon. She rare smiles and takes everything serious. At the rate of this she falls in love with Kaito the guy who Luchia likes. They fight again the enemies by uniting their force.

Story: 10/10
This story is ingenious. Mermaids who protect their sea by singing.
Rare to find animes with same genre.

Art: 10/10
It was great.

Sound: The anime is full with music what are singing by the characters. Songs are various. I mean there are sad/slow and happy/adorable songs. :)

Overall i gave 10/10 for this anime :D