Apr 2, 2010
Kazedouya (All reviews)
Here is my review of One Piece. One Piece are maybe the best shounen series available at the moment since it has almost everything, so it’s a must watch anime.

One Piece is about a pirate named Monkey D Luffy he is going to the Pirate king and find One Piece the greatest treasure of them all. On his way Luffy are going to gather some pirates some of them are: Roronoa Zoro, Nami, Usopp and Sanji, But the way to the Grand line is though they must fight against the marine, some mermaids, Shichibukai also known as the seven warlords.

Since the anime started in 98 the animation was kind of bad, but I got used to it, and the animation get’s a lot better over the years. It’s now released in 720p.

I like the voice cast all the main characters has some cool and kawaii voices, if you don’t liked them you will get used to it and like them prolly. Please don’t watch the dubbed version since it sucks.

I simply love the BGM in this anime it’s good. The openings are okey, nothing special the same with the endings.

All the characters in One Piece are loveable since they have a unique personality that you will like and cherish. You will get to know every character well since it will tell you about their past while you watch the series.

In the start there is a lot of information about the Grand Line and the treasure One Piece. In episode 30 or something like that the anime is amazing and after that you can’t stop watch it since it so good I liked it very much.
One Piece is maybe the most popular anime in the whole world expect of Pokèmon though, so One Piece is fairly good anime. I guess many users here on MAL started to watch One Piece so I will say One Piece is a good starting anime for all new people who have not seen much anime.
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