Apr 21, 2017
Aslat24 (All reviews)
This anime told a story of regret and distance. The way I interpreted this anime was that you will regret the things you did not do more than the things that you did. Akari and Takaki both failed to reveal how they really felt on that night at the train station and Kanae also failed to tell Takaki her true feelings. This anime told a very realistic story and I think that is what makes this story so great. Sometimes it is very hard to tell someone how you feel and it can leave you with regret. This stories main point was that even though the two main characters were miles apart they both still thought about each other. Byousoku 5 Centimeter really shows how time and distance can separate people. The ending of this movie was very anticlimactic it left you wanting something more to happen. I enjoy the symbolism with the trains cutting between the characters in one of the final scenes as they were about to turn around. It showed how time and distance had cut between them and it was too late for them to be together. This was a very good film and I enjoyed the meaning behind it. 8/10