Apr 20, 2017
RnDNEET021 (All reviews)
Its Obvious these days that the industry.. have gone off the mark..

And then this shorts appears..

What if Industry tells about : What should we build one..

Some people : i had a great idea what if we make an anime about.. our Pres. about his daily life... with satire setting..

Industry : Say no More.. >:)

My Words.. are too...deep.. until saw this fine work..

Such.. A Top Quality you used to watch every Shorts... you've seen so far..

You won't gonna get disappointed..

Literally.. By indeed Casual saying is.. "Satirical.. Tsukkomi.. Routine.."

Gags can be Horrendous.., Sitcoms are very.. Cringeworthy and Lastly his Rap are better than... Eminem's Rap God.. (Take that)..

It's so PUNny.., PUnTastic and also PUNdemonium...

Just to Be sure it's a Parody Don't take this seriously...