Apr 20, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
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Genres:adventure,Slight comedy, Romance
Categories:yuri, harem, voyeur, a minor m/m/f, m/f/f, big breasts

Taking an ego and putting it to the test. I think it is safe to say a lot of males, especially the young ones see them selves as 'gods'. While that generally is not true, we see what it takes to be one. However, how is a test a test if you cheat? A good question to ask and depending on your view on the story determines if the plot was fair or not. While the testing concept was an interesting approach the introduction for it was askew. While the jumps from present,past and future is an approach, it seems to be either too used or not needed for this anime. Also, why does test plays the way it does? Was it staged? Was blackmailed involved? Was there magic? While i can dis an introduction, let me provide an example of how it should have gone and you be the judge on which is better. Mind you i won't be going into elaborate detail.

"Having just finished his ___ number of hentai manga this character gets the crazy idea the he is now a master at least in one regard. An open window that was left open too cool the main character down during the steamy moments allowed an interesting article to fly into the room. Landing on the character's face forced intrigue to kick in. Here he finds himself perplexed on rules to some game that appeals to him but is curious for more information. Shortly after that point his door kicks in and someone rolls in to answer his questions.

-characters were gorgeous in their own ways but body wise seemed to be too similar.

- the idea of art is to take the viewer on visual guide of a writers work. A good way to see this is to pretend what you see drawn is shown from an invisible camera's perspective. A good camera will lead you to this and this and this without much in questions. A simple word for that would be transitions. At some moments there is a gap missing to how a character from a place to a different one. Therefore the transitions were off putting at some moments.

Sound- no issues

a little more information is needed on the main character

While there were issues with art and plot the artists and writers had to deal with a lot of vital characters. Despite these issues i find the material provided out weights the cons. A good anime to enjoy for those who wish to be in Christopher Columbus's shoes.