Apr 16, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
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The anime had a nice life lesson on viewing. Everyone sees something in some light. That is perfectly fine but if there is something that is done rather rashly because of this then it is not right. For with everything in life there is a purpose even if it is small. To be able to grasp this message means to be the story and art was done well. The introduction was done perfectly from a story telling point of view. As for the conclusion another good job for it was a result was made based on the introduction. Alas, the conclusion was not the most just in my opinion but it was kind hearted.

-Blurry and way too bright.
-black and white

silent film

Not singular or mass character based. More symbolic if anything. Like Rosa parks is a perfect symbolic example for this anime.

A nice life lesson to kids not to hate.