Apr 15, 2017
Memory (Anime) add (All reviews)
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Too fast paced. A lot of information covered in a short span. Introduction is a well informing piece of information based upon the subject of memories procedures. Conclusion was based as a joke but i don't think that was the right ending message. For me memories are a vital aspect on life without them it as if we did not live. We could not with draw money from our savings accounts, we would not be able to sleep in a nice bed not knowing where our home is... That is why i find the comical ending disappointing. If it were me i would relate it back to the introduction like do you recall how we started this film with how many people?

They went back and forth and art styles. For me that messed with my head but i am unsure if that was intended or not. Personally, i would be more pleased if that did not happen at all.

Sound- a little rushed

Character- does not apply

An education piece that can if used properly be helpful in future aspects of life.