Apr 10, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
Rate an 8
Seen via English Subtitled on just the cartoon everything else raw
art film
silent production
Special Note: The cartoon itself is about 6 plus minutes.

Memories, we have so many of them. The best memories one could have aside from their younger years is their children. More importantly making their day. A child has a strong desire for ___. He is reward with ____. As he is about to nod off his dream comes alive. To see that animation unfold along with that mini live show was a beautiful introduction to this cartoon. As for the ending it is what you would expect. Although, you get to see the part the kid played which was an interesting idea.

-black and white
-From scenery to background no issues on clarity.

The version i saw had background music. Which blended well to the cartoon. Not sure if the original did as well.

Bios are good for characters but was not needed here. Mainly because the cartoon played off the stereotypes cultures have brought on.

A kind hearted piece. There is nothing negative about this film. A childhood dream come to true mostly.