Apr 7, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
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No vocals from character nor subtitles it is just art and a background song
genre:more mystery than anything else.

Not much of a story. The film depicts a action taken only for it to constantly repeat the side effect. Although, it was a loop with no end i got a message from it. Not really focused as of now but in the future we will have stunning close robotic designs that can have automated feelings. We the creators have created them what is stopping our creation from creating us? Spooky thought but an interesting thought.

clay production. Right use of detail and colors.

the background song works but i suppose there are other songs that could have been used that could have been used to define the message behind the story. For example Lady Gaga- Born this way.

Character -not apparent,requires mental discussion.

Are you one who like nice short mysteries? Sure, no-none dies here but trying to get into the creators head is intriguing.