Apr 7, 2017
-Alphard- (All reviews)
There were no reviews for this work so I decided to step up and do it. It is spoiler-free so don't worry.

It is a very short chapter. It is entirely related to the original work so it should be read after the original manga. But it is more of a side story exploring more of characters that wasn't in the spotlight on the original work.

With that said, as a side story I wasn't expecting much but Yoshitoki Ooima managed to again do the same thing for which I praised her so much on the original series. The author seems to be capable of leading us into unique emotional situations that do not require a setting being built over a long number of chapters. As in, you read a certain chapter on the original series, cry, and then move on to another chapter that explores another side of the story and in that small frame of 20 pages she makes you cry again. And on this side story she made me cry again on that small number of pages. Her story telling is one of my favorites.

The drawing art is as good as it should be. If you have read the original manga and liked the art you will like the art here.

To conclude, if you have read the original series I highly recommend this little bit of extra. You won't be disappointed. My motivation for writing this review is that at the time I'm writing it, it is scored as 7.65 at, which seems to me to be a little harsh. It should be a minimal 9, if you consider what this extra is, what was it's proposal and what it achieved. When I take that into consideration I give it a 10.