Apr 6, 2017
Aisukurimu (All reviews)
This review will cover a little bit from S1 as well as this season.

This arc is a lot better in terms of storytelling I think, S1 was chaotic and the comedy aspects of it was overwhelming (that, or I got used to the style). I believe it might be quite hefty for someone who have not been exposed to Chinese mythical fantasies and its mechanism, especially with the add on of modern internet humour. I found it difficult to follow at the beginning.

Moving on! The Wangquan Fugui arc is where the real business happens, it’s based on Fugui and Qingtong. It followed a same vibe from S1 but with a bit more structure. [SPOILER however, I’m slightly icky about how the arc ended, the relationship wasn’t fully concluded for them, instead it (obviously) started to build up to the Yue Hong arc.]

I briefly flicked through the manhua and it appeared that the animation follows the manhua practically panel by panel, so there seem to be very little difference from paper to anime. So yes, the pacing is still fairly fast at some bits not because of the anime. One of the major things I've noticed is that the story gets more complicated and serious compared to S1, a lot more characters are about to be introduced in the new arc, definitely something to look forward to.

Anyhow, the concept of the story is not common and it’s quite fun, would recommend!