Apr 6, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
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Lives up to its name for it centers itself around sports. Does not deliver any message. Meaning all play no learning. Normally animation designed for all ages should have a learning concept behind it. The ending i can understand it being cut short where it was due to what could have been considered violent back then but could have ended on a stronger note.

-black and white
-focused you in what you needed to see, the middle portion of the screen. If you wanted to take in the background as well you could not for it was not focused/blurry.
-animation speed was a little off for certain events like the clapping and one of the monkey's dismount.
-did not pay attention to plot's detail. For example the bathing suit was shown to be stuck but vanished later on.

There a few vocal speakers. Some that was said were not very enthusiastic about their position(job).

each were built differently to show i guess the children that one activity might not work for you but that could be because you are not partaking in the right one.

This is one of the reasons why i don't like sports. You see ugly brute nature brought out of individuals for what fame? fortune? At the end some will win and the rest will suffer sometimes badly. Don't believe me give me a brief moment to construct a situation to demonstrate. Say, you entered a contest of sorts where the prize was something you wanted or dreamed of. Regardless of the amount of players i would say it is a safe bet you will try your hardest to win it. The situation could play out in generally four ways: First, you could lose. You wasted your time and maybe some entry fee for nothing (Depressing). Secondly, you lose but lose greatly. You played to hard and broke something. Not only have you lost your win, possible entry fee but now are paying a lot in time and money to recover. Third, you lose but you come close. You would most likely get some fame, a junk prize but you could find yourself focusing hardly on the small slip-ups made rather then the accomplishment of getting to this high point. Lastly, is the win. You defy odds and claim your win. You become happy for some time and then focus on the next goal. All of which would be better off working hard and saving for the thing you wanted like normal. Your boost of joy will stay with you longer and there will be small risk of any negativity.