Apr 5, 2017
TheCompletionist (All reviews)
This anime is gory and raunchy and I absolute love it for it.

This is a cyberpunk anime in it truest form with regards to its upbeat music in a dark and dreary setting, grittiness, and atmosphere.

The AD police files is three separate stories focusing around certain members of the AD police force and they're fight against boomers.

You can't go into this anime expecting a deep experience because your not going to get it. This anime is violent, sexual, and in some ways tasteless but damn is it entertaining. There are some weird scenes regarding nudity and sexuality but it doesn't deter from the overall action packed experience. Beyond the tasteless action and nudity, there are some deep messages regarding humanity and its role in the world when the world is becoming more robotic. I just wish there were more episodes.

Overall its a wonderful anime if you like your action packed anime mindless and tasteless. I'm always been fond of (BSV rule) - (Blood, Sex, Violence) in my anime and this one certainly lives up to that rule.