Mar 30, 2010
za3bola (All reviews)
I have only recently started reading this series and fell head over heels for it. It reminded me of "the book" that started my gay romance frenzy. It was a "straight romance" book that had a bromance on the side that unfortunately for me never blossomed. I love the "I am only gay for you" relationship where love has no boundaries or sexual orientation.

I also don't normally go for the skinny types but this story was an exception:

the dominant male being the uke
lab research and scientists
forbidden love
gay only for you relationship
Some straight characters with a strong role in the story
And it's so darn funny! Funniest yaoi I have ever read yet the comedy doesn't take way from the intense romance scenes

I honestly can't get enough of this manga and hope it never ends and the next chapters can't come out soon enough...