Apr 4, 2017
Romi_1432 (All reviews)
Well, where do we start off? Let me just write as much as I can about this gorgeous series. Just before I begin rambling about why this anime is absolutely amazing, I would like to state that I may be a bit bias as this is one of my, if not, favourite anime series.

First of all, comes the story. Its plot being led by Lupin and his team is very unique. It focuses on one main arch, in this case, it'll be Italy. Between each episode is a completely different, new, unique story, while also being linked to the main arch. Furthermore, the mystery and thrill of what and how Lupin finds and steals the treasure is amazingly entertaining and always makes you come back for more.

Second, comes the art style. There isn't much to say about the art style because it's unquestionably beautiful. While being crisp and pleasurable, it mildly keeps the old style that blends perfectly to the genre of the anime, being an adventure, treasure and a bunch more.

To add on, the sound fits perfectly to the 'tone' of the anime. Being a thief anime with the hint of mystery fits consummately with the classical music and beats.

The characterisation in this masterpiece is 'sui generis', meaning unique and individual. To begin with, the members of Lupin gang are all unique in the sense that their attitudes, goal, personality, abilities are highly distinctive. Not only that, but other characters like Rebecca or Mr. Nix are very different and each character has their own backstory with ups and downs.

Overall I will have to give this anime 10/10! Easy score. It's really intriguing to watch and exciting to watch. If you're a mystery and adventure fanatic like me then this anime is a jackpot for you.