Apr 3, 2017
mkzxwing (All reviews)
*Spoilers ahead *

This show seemed to get quite a lot of hype and attention on the internet and anime forums, so i though - "Why not check it out?". And so i did. And oh boy, was i disappointing. Now as with every show, i go in with reasonable low expectations, hoping to be pleasantly surprised later. In this case i sure wasn't.

First, and most important problem - complete lack of originality. Most people gain super powers at some point (boy, have never seen this one!). The protagonist isn't only in the minority who don't have powers, but is also physically weak (underdog? yep, for the millionth time). School setting? DOUBLE FUCKING CHECK (honestly at this point you'd think the Japanese have no other meaningful events in their life except school?). Need more? Ok, how about a sudden plot device to give him some kind of op power? You got it! But he can't control his power and needs to train? You bet!

Now, as bad as this is, all of those wouldn't be enough to bring down a show if it was still any kind of good. But its not nearly the end of the problem! First of all - the progression is awful (something that is seen in the shounen genre quite often, especially those that have a lot of characters due to attention division). Second of all - most of this season was spent on introduction dialogues and common stuff, so obviously it will be quite a boring watch, with the only exception probably being the past couple of episodes, and in a show with a measly 12 episodes (at least this season)..? Yeah, no good. The art and sound are decent, but the story is extremely mediocre (and again, completely unoriginal - underdog trains to become the strongest, random group of villains attack here and there for no reason other than being bad (at least give them a financial intensive from time to time or something? jeez!)), and most the characters are flat an boring. Add in the lack of action and flashiness and you get a very unimpressive combo.

Final verdict - would probably not suggest this title to anyone except kids, big shounen fans and people new to the medium.