Apr 2, 2017
SpectreLance (All reviews)
Though some people might say that this manga could be longer, it's short and sweet, yet quaint story, is a perfect fit for three chapters.

What I really enjoyed about this manga was the fact that both the relationships between a significant other, and a best friend are equally well explored. The manga manages to delve into what it really means to have a best friend from a few select angles. As someone who really loves his best friend, the story really rang true to me, but perhaps a bit more extreme.

As for the significant other aspect, the story shows more about what it means to really care for the person you're interested in because a real relationship isn't without it's obstacles along the way. One has to put up with many different things, whether they stem from the person they love, or from other obscure sources. This manga does a good job of highlighting that.

However, for those that really like a more traditional manga style romance, the real hidden gem in the 4th chapter that takes some small measure of digging to find on the internet. The 4th chapter goes on to explore more about what some people would do for other people, and accentuates the theme of obsession to a very finely honed degree.

Overall, a short, yet worthwhile read, and easy to take some small measure of wisdom from.