Mar 30, 2017
SeidouTZ (All reviews)
Kuzu no Honkai or Scum's Wish is a romance/drama anime described by many as the "dark side of the romance genre" due to how different it is from most conventional romances out there, given to how heavily focus around the concept of unrequited love and manipulation it is.
So is safe to say that i was rather interested, to say the least, in what this series had to offer. However as the story moved along i couldn’t look pass how much of a huge mess this show turn out to be for reasons that will be specifying below.

As you would probably expect this review may contain some minor spoilers so bear that in mind while reading it.


Story (3/10): The story revolves around two high school students that have hopeless crushes on people that they cannot have given the age gap, so they started dating each other to soothe their loneliness.
Like i stated previously the whole concept is indeed rather unique yes, but the ideas were not well crafted. Everything felt very exaggerated.

Instead of building an actual romantic relationship most of the time is spent focus on either having a character monologue or the characters getting intimate with one another. There was never an actual moment where the interactions between the two main characters felt genuine, and the fact that they both suddenly started to grow feeling for each other about midway through the series when their relationship up until that point was solely nothing more than just physical seriously came out of nowhere.

It uses solitude as a cheap excuse for everything and tries build a romance under this notion, which ultimately fails miserably in that regard consequently making most of the characters to look like they have absolutely zero autonomy and self-esteem.

Characters (2/10): The worst part about this series has definitely to be the characters. All of them lack any sort of moral compasses and spend most of the time questioning their selfish actions rather than trying to improve themselves. Some people may say that this is one of Kuzu no Honkai biggest strengths however i completely disagree. Seeing the same group of people constantly making irrational decisions 24/7 just for the sake of drama becomes simply both annoying and frustrating to watch really fast.

This goes without even mentioning how badly written most of them all were. What do i necessarily mean by this? Well to give an example, let's talk about the so called "antagonist" of the story. In episode 4 we got a bit of an understatement behind the antagonist motives and sadistic nature, however by the end of the series all that is completely dismissed in a poor attempt to humanize the character and for the sake of creating, yes you guessed it, more forced drama…
And this is just the tip of the iceberg. We also have it where some characters got introduced for solely one purpose and sake of plot convenience. Since apparently the author must had run out of ideas so she had to bring some random character to resolve everything…

Soundtrack and Art (8/10): Okay i have to give credit where credit is due, the music and art style is great. The used of manga-style type panels was quite genius and it fitted quite well with the whole theme of the series.

Overall this show is a complete and utter mess. It lacked direction, the characters were poorly written, it had a predictable plot, the relationships were shallow, and was filled with forced drama.
Would i recommend anyone to go watch Kuzu no Honkai? Quite honestly no. Is no different from any other Teen Drama series out there and shouldn’t be viewed any differently or in such a high standard just because is an anime. If you are into teen dramas that’s fine, but just know you would be better off watching an actual hentai rather than this.