Mar 29, 2017
chiringu (All reviews)
I'm quite surprised that this is rated as well rated as it is on MAL. Ahem, this ONA series tells a story about a couple, Reo and Mai, and their regular time together. The story is pretty linear, and of course, there's no filler (it's an ONA about a visual novel and only 6 to 10-ish minutes each episode). The linearity of the story made me enjoy the series a lot more than if it wasn't. As for characters, Reo's a little generically shy/tsundere, but Mai's teasing of Reo is great especially in the later episodes. Some major bad things about the series however: microphone peaking quite a bit (Reo mostly), the volume mastery is par at best (too quiet at times and too loud at others--the VA's faults), and the animation/art is just basic visual novel assets (of course, imagination helps).

Story: 7-ish
Art: 6-ish
Sound: 6-ish
Character: 7-ish

Hm... I did like the series personally (despite having an easier time finding the hentai than the ONA series, seriously). I managed to find it on youtube after searching in Japanese, so I ended up just relying on my existing knowledge of Japanese (the language was pretty simple, imo).

Ah, almost forgot to say: I loved the intro/outro song way too much.

Overall (while rounding up): 7