Mar 29, 2017
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Perplexing. Upon further research the idea of the show was to demonstrate struggle of dilemmas between ages. Sadly, that message is not quite seen visibly in the show. One can take anime in many different ways. Such as, is my desire worth the bother? Or, should i steal? With many different ideas on plot's intentions demonstrates that there was not clear enough guidance on direction.

Moderately drawn. This is a clear example of multiple sketches in animation form. Aside from the animation being somewhat slow paced the artwork is not fully drawn in. A scribbled section here and a scribbled section there. If that was not bad enough you had some random things drawn in. A dead rabbit? A rabbit character? Not one of the more definite examples used but shows that not every piece fit into one puzzle. Color is black and white.

The constant rambling or audio noises being emitted from the teen or adult were annoying/ spooky. I was expecting a sort of horror moment to happen but no i get something else instead. Making me thing that call for noise might not have been the best one.

Enjoyment: interesting idea for pondering performance wise needs more tuning. A good show if you want to depict art piece by piece.