Mar 29, 2017
Fircoal (All reviews)
If you know the game that this anime is based on you'd expect it to be fanservice city.Well let me warn you, it's not. There is some fanservice here and there and it can be quite nice but this show does not live and die off of fanservice. It actually lives and breathes off of comedy. And it is really good at it.

The comedy of Akiba's Trip is specialized and really out there. They don't settle with just making a job plain they really go all the way out there and really proclaim it. The fiendish plans range from silly but plausible to WTF HOW DO YOU THINK THIS WOULD WORK!? And it works because each plan is more stupid than the last until it gets to the point of just HOWWW. Everything is exaggerated in this show. The farther into each episode the more exaggerated it gets. It's great to see all the twists and turns that they throw in. Not only do they throw in great exaggerations but they also model it to fit into the realm of okatuness that they are covering for the episode. This acts as a celebration of okatu culture which is a novel idea. Furthermore, it does so in unique and fun ways only adding to the joy of each episode.

Aiding the comedy is a great cast of characters. Each one of them feels refreshing and interesting in their own rights. Tomatsu is not the typical self-insert bland MC. He's super dedicated to one thing at a time, and with push himself to do the best at that one task, showing an unusual amount of drive. He's also a complete hipster. His cell phone looks dated. He's always looking up alternative methods to do the okatu habits that he enjoys rather than sticking to the tried and true. This makes him that much more interesting as a character.

His little sister Niwaka is also great. It's clear that she loves Tomatsu as a sibling but it never goes beyond that. She wants him but she doesn't cling to him, nor is what she does defined by him. She also hangs out more with the other girls that surround Tomatsu as well. Even if she has some of the imouto traits, she's refreshing as she's honest and doesn't define herself only by her onii-chan, rather she feels like a real sister who does care for her brother. (She's also not annoying and she doesn't try to push him into things, she's a pretty cool person.)

Mayo and Arisa are also both great characters. They all have likeable charm to them even though Mayo does stay in the tsundere character. (Although she does grow warmer over the span of the show.) Overall the characters all have their own likeable charms while still sticking to a general role. While they aren't the most developed they are refreshing and fun and thusly enjoyable.

I'd argue the plot is pretty cool too. The general plot leaves open a hype ending as well as provides the context for the fun of the episodic nature of the show. The comedy is enhanced by the episodic nature because they can keep on making things more extreme which each episode, using the same formula and providing twists to keep it fun. All it all it creates a nice structure for the show to work with, which helps its success.

It also happens to have some nice sorta unexpected development which I quite enjoyed.

The animation I feel like it pretty strong and the art can be quite humorous. Some of the character designs are really well done while others are quite funny in their simplicity. It's enjoyable to see the wide range of character designs they have from cool to cute, to silly simple. The music is also pretty good too. I wouldn't call the OST great but there are some nice memorable tracks which help the show out.

All and all it's a great show with the ability to provide refreshing characters, a nice plot and development and most importantly a lot of good comedy. And it provides all of this while also giving a supporting message to Okatu culture. A message that we shouldn't judge others for what we do because we're all working off our passion and that's great. I'd recommend it if you'd like a fun and silly show. It's quite a good one.