Mar 29, 2017
sebba93 (All reviews)
In a world full of Shonen series Twin Star Exorcists will defently NOT change anything about it, but with even that i stonrgly recomend you to give this sereis a chance.

The story is focused is these two characters, Rokuro and Benio is their livas as exosist who fight an evil known as Kegare.
You may like to know from the start the this series only take the premise of the original source of the mange for the first 20 episodes, while the other 30 s an anime original story, with 8 or so episodes with a "monster of the week" progression with the rest of the episodes for the final arc and finale but is not as you might think, the so-called "filler" it will be actually some what relevant to the ofthe story, (just a little) never the less, it could it be shorter. BTW It gets and actual ending, i mean, if this is what we got from TSE im satiesfied(6/10)

As usual in a seres who is make week by week for a full year, it might suffer for the inconstanst quiality in the animation, but is fairly consistent trough the whole series. There are moments where you will say, "this look good", at other times you will say... "ahhh ok..." (6/10)

Im not a musician i cant jugde the OST from that view, but i can say it gets the job done, you'll remember the songs time to time but they will not get stuck in your head or wanna add them to your playlists
Except the OP and ED, props to all of them, specially the 2nd OP and the 3er ED (7/10)

I think the strongest thing this series are their characters, the series focus a lot in the relatioship between Benio and Rokuro, how in the begening they hate each other to accept their flaws and praise their strengns.
While in the other hand they neglet mostly of the support cast, wich are really good, each character of the supporting cast has their own story but only some of them get screentime to develop that, while other doesnt get any at all, but i see this was done to focus in the protagonists (7/10)

My personal experience was week by week, sometimes i ended really satisfied for what i watched and enjoyed, other times i ended dissapointed BUT with the hope that it would be better the next week. But yeah i enjoy it all, just not that much some weeks