Mar 29, 2017
3xTripple (All reviews)
I feel that these 8.5 words describe the entirety of this anime:
“Cliche Archetype-filled Exorcist Shounen With Many Crappy Plot Twists”

I have very mixed feelings about this show…
- Sometimes I thought, “Oh, this is such a cool kiddy shounen!”
- Sometimes I became angry at how stupid and immature the characters were.
- I often skipped through some of the many slow scenes and flashbacks.
- Sometimes I even said, “Whoa! Didn’t see that coming! Is this really a kids show? wtf?” when some pretty dark things happened
- However, most importantly, by the end I thought to myself “Wow, this is pretty fucking bad.”

I honestly thought this show was going to be pretty average at first (5 out of 10). Then I thought, “Oh wow! This is actually pretty good!” from 9 to 37-ish (7/10). However, towards the end the show started pulling both random and shitty plot twists out of its ass, and then shooting them at us like it’s a “shit machine-gun” (2/10)...

TL;DR at the end

The story mainly follows two cliche and initially overpowered main protagonists named “Rokuro” and “Benio” as they overcome many hard trials thereby growing stronger and closer together displaying mild romance. They’re prophesized to be the “twin stars” or two chosen exorcists that will get married, have a baby, and the baby will be the most powerful exorcist called the “miko” (basically something like a baby Jesus that will save the world from all of the evil kegare monsters). The evil kegare monsters are sealed in an alternate dimension called “megano”, where the exorcists must go to fight them. Almost all of the characters are slowly introduced with background stories that are supposed to be tragic, but their backgrounds came across as overly done to the point where it was kind of just stupid-silly after a while. The story emphasizes that Rokuro and Benio both want to get stronger... and they do... At a snail’s rate anyways, but no worries because they often get sudden power ups out of nowhere. Mm~ sudden power ups. My favorite… (sarcasm)

The story really doesn’t have any depth, and it certainly isn’t realistic. For example, one of the main antagonists is basically just some psychotic kid with attachment issues. One thing that really pissed me off is that all of the villains kept saying phrases like:

"I am all powerful! and you are weak!"
“It is no use for you to try to win!”
“Oh, but it was all part of my master plan!”
and then the shitty plot twist that I mentioned earlier would be another antagonist saying,
“But your master plan was part of my SUPER master plan ALL ALONG! I have been using you, lesser antagonist, this whole time!”
I often just sat in my chair, apathetic to all of the bullshit that the characters kept pulling out of their asses.

I feel the story’s pace was much too slow, often dwelling much too long on the characterization and development of the twin stars. It wasn’t really exciting, so I didn’t feel like waiting to watch each new episode once a week. I actually ended up binge-watching once every four months. It had its ups and downs. It’s a pretty a pretty bad story overall. Towards the end, we randomly got hit with some pedophile plot twist shit, and I honestly don’t know what the hell to make of this anime anymore. It had its moments, but the story was actually pretty bad overall.

The art in the fight scenes sometimes looks like it’s from a game where they pause and call out the name of their attack with an epic pose before actually doing it. Everything freezes when this happens, so it adds a certain "style" to the art.

The art's okay overall, but I feel that the series would be more appealing if the characters weren't so... bright and cute...? Except there's one thing that gets to me every time... It's Rokuro... There are scenes when his art turns into something out of a horror movie. The animation is not the best with many still-frames and lack of dramatic camera angles. The art's fine overall.

What can I say? They did a pretty good job on the sound. The OST is mainly dubstep, which threw me off at first, but I kind of like it now. The fighting works well, background music fits completely and enhances the setting. Openings and endings are also very fitting. It's actually relatively unique, but it's not special or powerful like something like something Yuki Kajiura or Sawano Hiroyuki would make. Only one OST was memorable for me until episode 27's opening theme. But now that I finished the anime, I actually occasionally catch myself thinking about their OSTs! (I guess 50 episodes of an anime will do that to you).

Characters: (4/10)
The characters were okay, at best. However, towards the end, they ended up having little to no real depth at all. In general, they’re pretty much just average characters with nothing much special about them except for Rokuro's shark teeth (main male character). I initially hated both Rokuro and Benio, but, I actually started liking the main characters around episode 14/15 after they unnecessarily spent all of that time developing the twin stars. However, they're basically just kids with sad background stories tasked with saving the world from Kegare. Honestly, they probably could have made this series into about 24 episodes if they skipped the unnecessary development episodes.

There are a lot of side characters with the potential to be interesting, but they all got little to no development. The dynamic between Benio and Rokuro is pretty nice to watch, but there's nothing too special here. Rokuro's starts off as kind of annoying, fiery, not that smart, and overpowered, but the enemies do get much stronger and Rokuro matures quite a bit and actually becomes a pretty cool character. Benio is the typical smart, cool, amazingly strong, but lonely character. She too grows as the series progresses.

Enjoyment: (?/10)
This show… is hard to describe in terms of enjoyment... At first, it was fun because it reminded me of a cool game (7/10). As it progressed, the initial excitement died down (5/10). It was very predictable up until a certain point, but things started becoming less predictable as it progressed (7/10). Some of the plot twists were cool, but the plot twists towards the end were just plain stupid (2/10). In fact, I was legitimately shocked by how ridiculous and incoherent it started getting. It's definitely more suited to a younger less mature audience, but there are some aspects of the anime that are unexpectedly dark for a kids show. An older audience may still enjoy it because it's somewhat entertaining (maybe), although you probably won't be able to relate to it much as an older individual.

Overall: (5/10)
The story progressed too slowly, they took too long to develop the MCs, the characters were too cliche, but the anime wasn’t all that bad and actually had a decent amount of good moments. The show is bearable, but I wouldn’t recommend this anime to you unless you’ve already seen a bunch of the other top shounen out there. So basically, it was pretty bad and I think your time would be better spent elsewhere.

“Do I recommend this to you personally?”
Personally? Absolutely not. I could never wholeheartedly recommend this anime to anyone. It’s just something I watched to kill time.

However, if you like exorcists and shounen anime, are younger than 16, and like slow stories, then maybe you should give it a shot someday.

If you want realistic and mature characters, then no you should look elsewhere.

In fact, you probably should just look elsewhere unless you’re out of anime to watch.

I strongly recommend that you check out these other similar, but better exorcist/demon-related shounen anime first if you haven’t already:
1. D. Gray Man 9/10 (103 eps) The second season 8/10 (13 eps) came 10 years later
2. Bleach 9/10 (366 eps)
3. Ao no Exorcist 9/10 (37 eps between 2 seasons)
4. Nurarihyon no Mago 9/10 (50 eps between 2 seasons)
5. Shakugan no Shana 8/10 (76 eps between 3 seasons)

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