Mar 28, 2017
Fircoal (All reviews)
I have a confession to make. When I watched the first episode of Kemono Friends with my friend we ended up setting the playback speed to 2x to get through the episode.

Mind you this was back at a different time. Before anyone knew that Kemono Friends was going to be good, or be as popular as it was. Actually, it was on the day it came out. Me and my PV and studio ignoring self looked at the summary and I liked it. Kemono Friends was actually one of the shows I looked forward to this season. Before we started my friend said he had a bad feeling about it. I told him not to jinx it, but he did. So I thought...

Kemono Friends is the perfect example of why you shouldn't drop shows. Or at least you should give shows more of a chance. I was close to dropping it myself but I didn't, and I think it was all the better for that. For each week that I watched the show, the more attached to it that I got, and the more it became to grow on me. The animation was bad but the rest was so great and so enjoyable to watch. The first episode may have been terrible but each one after that only got better and better.

Under the crappy animation and lackluster art there is a really good show here. What the show is able to do is build up this impressive lore and backstory while also exposing the viewer to the comfy times of the friends that live on the island. This gives it the feel of a children's show but it has much more to it. The comfiness on its own is nice but it's the mixture of both the darker undertones and that comfiness that really allows this show to shine. Because the two are pitting against each other in a way it creates a unique atmosphere that the show surrounds itself.

Even more impressive the show was able to foreshadow the events that would happen later as well as slowly leak out information relating to it. They are experts at doing this I would say and many things that you may pick up on early may be important later down the line. In Kemono Friends things aren't throw in haphazardly, they are there for a reason. Their ability to do this hints towards Kemono Friend's wonderful storytelling and narrative abilities.

All of the characters on Kemono Friends are likeable. They aren't the deepest but they do develop and grow over time (or for most characters over their episode). While I'd love for more depth what Kemono Friends has worked well for itself and what it's going for.

As bad as the art is it'd be expected the sound would be too. However, I really like not just the OP and the ED but also the OST. It may not be much but they do a geat job of picking the right songs to fit the right moods. Their chilling music is quite chilling and I like the use of dubstep for the cerulean moments. The playful sounds that they have during the happier moment all match the mood as well. The OST works so well together I even really like Serval's voice as well.

It may look like a bad show but Kemono Friends is anything but. It's able to provide both high moments of hype and soft moments of comfy. The balance between the lore and the comfy is just stunning. Kemono Friends took some of the best aspects of children's shows and worldbuilding lore shows and shoved them together. And the result was something well worth watching.