Mar 27, 2010
minimiau (All reviews)
Well, finally I finished another CLAMP manga. This time I will make a review of Card captor Sakura, my first CLAMP series.

The story is about Sakura. She has to sealed all Clow Cards. The story is better than anime: there is only a few cards and not a lot than in the anime. Meilin doesnt exist in the manga and is more exciting.

The art is impresive. I like it very much. Sakura CC has the best art of all CLAMP series, but not better than magic knight Rayearth. For me thise mangas have the best art, but The review is about Sakura not Magic Knight.

I like all characters: some of them like Yamazaki made funny moments and i like that. I like how all characters envolve. In the end various charactes change: In mature, feelings etc. Sakura and Shaoran are still my fav CLAMP couples.

I really enjoy the manga. In the future I will read again, but first I want to buy all 12 volumes. You will enjoy this manga: if you like magic girl and CLAMP mangas you will enjoy this.

In overall I put a 9. Why? I really dont like happy endings, Card captor has a happy ending. But do you imagine this manga with a diferent ending?