Mar 27, 2017
Ghostfriendly (All reviews)
A 3-minute funny animals anime, with an art style based on an ancient Japanese scroll. The sketches are all of absurd, just-possibly-made-up historical incidents of the warring states period, so history otakus will find lots of references to appreciate. Nobunaga is a undersized Cuckoo, constantly terrifying much larger animals. Hideyoshi is a monkey of course, as frequently the butt of jokes as the trickster. Ieyasu Tokugawa is a plodding racoon-dog. Of course most of the warlords are out to get each other, and quite a few of them seem to be gay.

The comedy is measured, quite thoughtful and generally very enjoyable, though in a few episodes, humour was so subtle as to be undetectable. Sketches are imaginatively bizarre, with anachronism, aliens (?), much-loved musical episodes and self-conscious narrational disclaimers. I found the simple animation and movement of the various animals quite endearing; the drawing actually shows accurate crests and armour in detail. The 'splat'-like sound effects with many movements were rather sweet as well. On occasions, too much was happening on screen at once, though, since the camera doesn't usually focus on a character, but takes in the whole 'scroll' which the animals move around on. Still, this is a must watch for history fans, and worth looking at for fans of both bizarre and imaginative comedy.