Mar 27, 2010
FreyaAuthority (All reviews)

The story's complicated and is always misleading, the first few episodes were not really making sense, a briefcase which has weird slime coming out of it at first and turns into a mecha which they call 'Asura Machina'. Overall, this anime only got better towards the end and the story was pretty decent. I was expecting a good ending and it turned out good at first but later near the end of the last episode, a twist in the plot happened which was pretty touching in my opinion.


The art and design given by this anime is pretty good, character expressions were actually alright and above decent while the effects were nice too.


Voice acting's actually kind of good but some effort could be put in, I like the opening for this anime and sound effects were pretty good.


Asura Cryin' was not really a serious anime at first, I had a good laugh at the start of the few episodes because there were some humorous scenes, and after when the characters know about the truth, the anime totally changed into a serious sequence which kept me in excitement wanting to what will happen next.

Overall, I find this anime actually enjoyable if you have nothing to do. It's not bad but some may find it terrible because of the plot.