Mar 25, 2017
xisue (All reviews)
The second season of Nanbaka picks up right where its first season left off but I think in comparison to the first season its definitely lacking and has its flaws.

Overall *probably a spoiler* the story never gets resolved in the end and instead we're left at the halfway point or even climax. In comparison to the first season's comedic interludes Nanbaka also changes drastically in tone to a more serious note, or it very much tries to. And while it still holds onto what makes Nanbaka, Nanbaka, most people will probably find the change a disconnect to what drew them in at first. While its gags are still charming, its attempt at a more serious storyline and character development seem a little more shounen cliche. And it definitely shows in the last 5 or 6 episodes of the anime where a battle seems unnecessarily drawn out. For a series so self aware, it's a little disappointing that it isn't utilized in these aspects.

ART: 8
Art quality is still the same as the first season, but less sparkles! Which I have to say that the dedication for animating all those sparkles is amazing. The vibrant color palette continues and surprisingly works very well for some of the more serious battles and darker undertone scenes. In the animation of fighting actions, it is impressive in how some of it is choreographed in the scenes and definitely is able to show tension when needed. Also facial expressions are very well animated for the wide arrange of emotions we can actually see this season.

The soundtrack is as nice as ever! Very epic sounding feel to it and definitely gives impact for fighting sequences. The catchy opening and ending continue as well.

This might be a hit or miss but there is actually quite a bit of development for side characters (or everyone but Jyugo) previously introduced briefly in season 1. While the main character is definitely lacking in a well written development or even a good portrayal of why he isn't developing, the side character stories I found to pleasantly enjoyable and even surprisingly unexpected. However every scene with Jyugo and his internal struggles will definitely look neglected when compared to how everyone else is portrayed. Probably the villians are even worse off but given how little time they've appeared it's not unexpected.

Despite all of that, I quite enjoy Nanbaka and its comedic aspects well enough. And I would say what pulls me thorugh Nanbaka this season is a new appreciation for the side characters and their entertaining interactions with the main cast. And when Jyugo isn't having internal monologues of self analysis it is somewhat endearing seeing how useless he is.

Nanbaka is Nanbaka. You shouldn't really expect more or less and really just accept whatever it throws at you because it's probably more enjoyable that way.