Mar 24, 2017
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I need to bring up the point of paid promotional advertisement. It feels like twitter has some sort of control over the product to an extent. They mention Twitter at times that wouldn’t make sense; it just feels like one massive ad campaign for the product. I’m all for advertisements, especially if it allowed anime studios to get more money but making it as obvious as this, I can’t be okay with it.

The first thing I noted about going into this anime is how everyone apart from the main character, is a total jackass- With the few exceptions. Moreover, the main girl of the series, Fuuka, is a jackass too. Trying to create an anime centred on a romance for a girl, who was introduced to me as someone who hated everyone but herself is pointless. Why would they even think that I would care about the romance of the main characters when I despise one of them?

This anime basically revolves around a girl and a boy meeting through an overly clichéd event and falling in love. Your issue is that you’ll feel like rooting against them getting together due to the girl acting like a smartass. Then more and more girls are generically introduced until we have your generic 3. Girl he runs into, Childhood friend and bitch. Now they whole rest of the anime will be the whole ‘who will he get with’ shenanigans of literally every single other harem.

The major positive and only thing that separates this show from being another generic harem is the music, which for a musical anime, is thankfully really great. Well, the few songs they actually get round to playing which in the end is extremely limiting as who can be bothered to pay those licencing costs, amiright [Said in a condescending tone].

For the anime studio, Diomedea, who I have 2 of their anime on my worst 5 shows. Who have been known to produce some of the lowest quality animation I have ever seen in, they have surprised me. All the characters look interesting and it feels like they have a budget Kyoto animation thing going on. The over exposure of light in the anime is very similar to that of Kyo Ani with everything that needs to be stood out, deliberately getting stood out to provide emphasis. So I’ll praise them at least for how they did that.

Also I have to give props for having a mature gay character in the anime. Nearly all shounen ai’s overly sexualised (due to the nature of that genre) so it’s cool to see a gay guy that’s just. Normal.

Unfortunately this anime hardly breaks from the trends of the traditional harem. I know some people enjoy those kind of shows so you’d probably enjoy this. If you are looking for something deeper however, with thoughtful characters and a meaningful story, get as far away from this as possible. They tried to somewhat make it different with the music aspects only for them to skimp out on its involvement with their ending up only being one song in the whole first 6 episodes. I feel if they were to just try a bit more, make the story be slightly more interesting, this could have become something. But in traditional Diomedea fashion, it falls short. By around 7 kilometres.