Mar 24, 2017
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A show that’s mediocre at best and harmless at worst. If you’ve seen Nisekoi and about a million other romantic comedies/dramas just like Fuuka, you won’t find much different here. This is something that is such familiar territory and for most people watching they should be desensitized to it by now. The series exudes loads of fake stakes, fake drama, fake tension and of course the most beautiful of all contrived plot threads---convenience. Let me be clear this isn't the worst thing I've seen, not even in this season, but it is still pretty lackluster. The main problem with this show isn’t that it is offensive, but that it is tired and boring.

Truly this show is just a forgettable slog. Even with its faults being immediately obvious, this was still a difficult review to write. It wasn't difficult because the series is so bad, but because there really is nothing to talk about. This formula has been done to death and better in shows like Toradora, School Rumble, Ranma ½, Rosario + Vampire, and Tenchi Muyo, which are far more worth your time than this. Hell, calling this series unimaginative is putting it lightly. The dialogue gets so poor to the point where much of the later dialogue consists of the words "I'm sorry" over and over, until they really doesn't mean much anymore.

The series follows a teenager by the name of Yuu-- who’s only defining character is that he uses Twitter and is dense as a brick-- and his relationships with several uninteresting girls who all want to get in his pants. The most important girl of the harem, for reasons unknown-- as she’s just about as well-developed as the rest-- being Fuuka (obviously). Oh yeah and there's a music plotline that really isn't good either as the characters have no individuality or chemistry as a band. None of these characters are interesting or enduring in the slightest. The story is literally driven by the same mundane plot repeating every episode with little to no differences between them, if you’ve watched episode one, you’ve basically watched the entire series. The main character can never decide on which girl he likes and each of them get upset with him for half the episode only to make up with him at the end. It's extremely predictable and you'll forget most of it shortly after completing it, which for a 12 episode series that's pretty atrocious.

Fuuka is one of those series, where most veteran anime fans can look at it immediately and say, “No one gave a single shit about this”. There is no subtlety or tact in the narrative, plot conveniences are thrown at you as if the creators were self-aware of how bad the writing was. Sometimes it was hard to even tell what was going on as quite a few characters backstories are poorly explained and have no relevance. One second a character is overacting and the next they seem totally unphased by what's going on. If a character needs to be in a certain place, they will be there. If the story (air-quotes) needs dragging out, it will drag. Poor plot conveniences are bad enough, but there really isn’t much story at all anyway. The entire series amounts to what can best be described as filler content. The characters much like the writing have flat, unappealing and unmemorable designs, especially the background characters that tend to be even more forgettable. Nothing stands out about anyone and it doesn’t help that the animation is that a1 pictures style of animation that is very by the books and very on model. Characters rarely move in exciting or interesting ways.

Listen I can understand why series like this are popular. People like to project themselves onto a character, because they relate to the subject at hand. Even if the concept is dumb or has been done a million times before, that viewer doesn’t care about that. The reason so many bad series get away with being defended by so many people is because they often grab the viewer’s attention when they are emotionally weak and desperately seeking this type of content. No genres are more guilty of character projection slates than the Romance and Ecchi genres. The reason I am disclosing this information is because honestly I think somewhere, some side of me actually wanted to enjoy this series. But I rarely go watching something with the intention to hate it anyway.

Fuuka is a clear cut example of “what you see is, what you get”. I don’t recommend this series at all. It shouldn’t be physically painful or hard to watch, but it might have you rolling your eyes a few times. I won’t lie to you there were somethings that I thought were cute and even sweet, but the lack of story, character development, conflict, interesting or expressive animation make for a product that just isn’t quality. If you weren’t watching it while it aired, don’t bother or waste your time, this isn’t a series that’ll become an undiscovered classic anytime soon.