Mar 24, 2017
malikkkk27_ (All reviews)
We have quite a few Slice of life anime aired this season and one of them is Urara Meirochou. A 12 episode series about a girl named Chiya arriving at the Labyrinth City in which her main objective is to find her mom who is living in the city and rising through the ranks of Urara.

The episode started off well with the introduction of the four main characters and their main purpose of why they are in Labyrinth City. With the all the episodes being aired, it’s great that the girls has been adapting to the city quite well and are aiming to get to the first district through challenges they're facing throughout the series, even passing one of the promotional test. As far as i could see, the series plot line is not too complex to understand as the story would continue where it left from the last episode. Sadly, as most anime has an episode limit cap (usually 12 to 13), the viewers didn’t have the chance to see the girls background though they did talk about it briefly, even finding Chiya’s mom is rather ended as cliffhanging, but at least there is hints given of how Chiya’s mom look like and her name of course. There would always be manga to continue where the episode left off so it’s a plus. The addition of comedy scenes is a plus sign to encourage the viewers to see more.

The studio that handles Urara Meirochou is JC Staff, the studio famous for producing ToraDora and Little Busters series. It's been a while since they produced a series with 4 girls since 2011 which is Joshiraku. Nevertheless, still quite impressed with the animation and character design of Urara Meirochou, very cute indeed. Background designs aren't that too saturated and there aren't any animation loopholes.

P.S Koume kinda look like Nico from Love Live. +1

The OP Song is very catchy and cute at the same time, love to listen it again. The ED song is also good to listen, match with the series genre. The seiyuus that are voice acting the four main characters are decent and has professionalism feel in it though they are not really well known and maybe new to the seiyuu industry, however they still did their job well and could have potential in getting more roles in the future, not much of a horrible or awkward voices heard throughout the series. Kon’s VA is pretty good at changing behaviours from being a playful vampire girl to obedient fox girl. JC Staff is decent in choosing their seiyuus.

The characters in this series are really proactive and very eager to take challenges on what they are facing ahead of them, Chiya is considerably known for her playfulness and cuteness and mysterious (?), she tend to try to cheer up people who are in deepshit or really having a hard time. And is also cute that she tend to show her belly as a way to apologize people. Kon, one of my favorite girl for the series, not only because of how stunning she is when Koume tease fully wear sexy clothes which really match her doe, is due to her maturity and the leadership she had which she is potential for leading the team and getting the first rank urara. I love how shy she is when she being appraised on. Koume, due to the fact she look like Nico, couldn’t think but to call her Nico because of her hair style. She also has the ‘never give up’ motto which motivate the girls to work hard. Nono, well she’s quite cute, I couldn’t resist seeing her cute pity face. Overall, what I like the most about this girls are teamworking and also the ‘no man left behind’ first is what made me like this show, there are characters development in it and the background stories of them but with only brief brief explaination.

I've enjoyed watching this show though not many people are anticipating on it as I've would like to know how the four girls would achieve in getting the first district and of course Chiya's main objective of finding her mom. Even tho, the series ended up short on the current manga, I still enjoy watching Urara Meichorou as in addition with that is the slice of life and comedy genre and how funny and cute the girls are.

It’s sad that the series wouldn’t get a second season however, the staff and the studio of the anime has done well to deliver a decent anime that is focusing more onto the girls everyday lives and challanges they're facing. Hence, I would recommend to viewers who are typically more into SOLs and the less intense type of genre, this would suit you and would fill up your spare time.

Hence to conclude, it’s a pretty decent anime with good deliverance for the viewers to watch, least JC managed to take a rest from doing ecchi intense genre for a while.