Mar 24, 2017
NiBer (All reviews)
I noticed there are many hate reviews regarding this show, I decided to make one defending it and explaining its brilliance instead, which some of you have missed, or hate it because it's popular to do so (as with SAO).

A fat boy turns a muscular young man after being rejected as a kid and plots revenge on the girl who broke his heart. Right away I experienced Nisekoi vibes mixed with Maid-sama and sprinkled with a little bit of Oreairu.

Firstly, there's an abundance of absolutely hilarious scenes throughout the anime, his mom being a 'loli hag' is just one of the examples. All the girls in the anime are extremely likable and have a character of their own and the main girl characters get plenty of backstory, even the ones not introduced in the show from beginning. Voice actresses are superb as always, my personal favorite is Yoshino's - hits the tone in any given situation supremely.
The atmosphere is very cheerful and colors are bright and vibrant, generating a pleasant and soothing ambience for laugh inducing and embarrassing situations to flourish. The sound further embellishes the enjoyable feel the series create.

Coupled with the fact the MC is a unique character and has a nuance feel about him is very refreshing. Think of him as a combination of Kanie (Amaburi) and Arata (Trinity 7). I like his way of dealing with situations. I like how he gets things done and dares doing what most harem leads never do, but going in details would spoil the show. Super refreshing and a pretty much a contrast to what people familiarized with harem know how a generic male lead acts.

This is also one of few anime that caters to the audience of leg enthusiasts, more specifically tights/pantyhose enthusiasts and it's further emphasized by the art of the show and follows with lots of fanservice on the aforementioned... enthusiasm.

Only thing I had a problem with was towards the end the story sort of dragged out, but that was pretty much diminished by the obvious indication of the continuation, an upcoming sequel or perhaps more.
I understand the point of view of some people who dislike story not progressing fast, but that's exactly the goal of the series. You're here for the fill, to experience as many ups and downs following the protagonist's path and having a great time doing so rather than arriving at its ultimate resolve promptly.

In conclusion, if you like good romance harems, like the shows I mentioned and agree with most of the arguments I presented, this show is definitely for you.