Mar 23, 2017
Cinefil_original (All reviews)
I got a notification saying "Bleach Colourful has just been added to the data base" which got me hyped up so I hurried and checked it out only to find out it is an old OVA which I've already watched long ago,

My hopes got crushed, thank you MAL.
Since I have seen the show so long ago I will write an ambiguous review.

The story revolves around this festival in which the Captains of the 13 squads will take part, showing their troubles while coming up with ideas for their costumes (or something like that).
As expected, this show features the same characters found in the original series, they are not developed during this OVA but rather show a diffrent side of their personality.

The animation was decent for the time it aired but is now outdated, not saying it was bad animation.
The sound on the other hand was pretty good, with a nice opening/ending theme and an OST that perfectly suited the tone of the show.

Enjoyment wise it was good mainly because back then I was a big Bleach fan.

Conclusion: If you are a Bleach fan and haven't seen this OVA, go watch it, it's just 12 min.