Mar 20, 2017
Alstoria (All reviews)
So.... Is pretty good to be doing a review about my actually favorite anime.

- Story -
*Score: 9
The story is really original, like, cmon, have seen a anime where the people go to take battles with their cellphones? Well, if not, i can tell that this is a show for you.

Is scored as "Great" because is really hard to see a story like this, i dont like the typical idea that mentions something like — "So, the anime is just starting, and by one moment to another, everything got destroyed".
Thats a generalist idea of most of the " Harem - Shonen" you can see nowdays, but, taking that out, is a damn good story.

- Art -
*Score: 8
Talking about animation, i dont see problems with the animation, but, why it is scored with a 8? That's simple, is just because im a huge fan of the monogatari series, and to be honest, if you do a comparation, you are just going to get that the animation of Devil Survivor 2: The Animation, is ok, but is not the best art to give it a 10 or a 9.

- Sound -
*Score: 10
I dont have too much to talk about, if we're talking about the ending/opening, i just can't say anything, the opening's name is Take your way, you don't need to actually read the translation of the song, because, it gives you that sensation of tranquility that you need, that message that says "everything is ok if someone is with you".

The ending, well, it does have a interesting detail, but, i don't want to do spoiler 'bout the show, so, im just going to say that the feeling that the opening gives to me, is exactly what the ending does too.

- Character -
*Score: 7
Ok, Andre, you gave me a nine on story, but, why a 7 in character?

Well, y'all know that, not because the story is that good, the development of the characters is going to be exactly the same.
Devil Survivor 2: The Animation is actually a game-based anime, so, isn't weird that the characters aren't that good tho.

- Enjoyment -
*Score: 8
The anime is really good, but it gets boring at some moments, you can't expect that this show keep that "good emotion" all the course, but, is not that bad, not all the animes are that perfect, and this one is not a exception.
But, almost all the anime is really interesting, highly recommended.

--- OVERALL ---
*Score: 9

The anime gives you that emotion, that feeling that the anime wants to pass to all the world, this anime wanted to say something to me, and it got it.

I really recommend it, is not perfect, but for me, is a really masterpeace.

— Chang.