Mar 20, 2017
summitsama (All reviews)
Momokuri is just a show that's trying really hard to be the cutest thing you've ever seen. Shy kids having a clumsy relationship full of forced misunderstandings and awkwardness. And that's it. There is nothing else to this show, once sentence is literally all you need to describe everything.

But while it's not depth incarnate, it does succeed in portraying some legitimate heart warming cuteness. At first you may find the gags make you giggle or at least smile. The chibi style drawings are pretty adorable and the voice work is excellent. There's some goofy recorder music here and there to add to the joyful ambiance, as in most similar shows.

The problem is that it's just not enough. The jokes are really sparse, and the rest of the show consists of, well, nothing. Inner monologues, casual conversations about casual shit you don't care about, boring characters doing boring normal things. All the "filler" produces no entertainment, and doesn't progress the story, since there is none, really. Even the jokes are problematic, because as time passes, you will realize that you are just watching a slightly different flavor of the same gag.

The characters are pretty much reduced to their gimmick, as is often the case in low quality animes. But they're still decently lovable, so i can tolerate it here. My issue with these characters, as that if you didn't know their school year, you'd have a really hard time speculating on how old they are. Sometimes they act like grade schoolers, sometimes like teens, their appearance is overly childlike. There's no adult characters which sucks some more realism out of the setting.

Don't bother with this, it's just not funny enough for its lack of substance.