Mar 20, 2017
TakamiKaribuchi (All reviews)
Love Live tends to be a series that people either love or hate. I loved it myself, which is why I'm reviewing season 2.

The story is still pretty much the same, but it's no longer just about keeping the school open. Now it focuses a lot more on letting the Muse evolve as an idol group.

The art is still very vibrant and it's perfect for this type of anime. I didn't find any random drops in the art quality.

The sound is really good . I've really liked the soundtrack since I watched season 1 the first time. This season adds new songs that I really like in addition to its soundtrack. My favorite Muse song, Snow Halation, comes from this season, in the anime anyway since I don't know if the mobile game already had the song previously.

I love almost all the characters, even though they're really goofy at times. I felt the bonds between them were really strengthened this seasoned. Nozomi, Nico, Maki, and Rin all got attention in the character development department; I'm actually not sure about Maki, but it felt like she was getting more. The others got some more development too, but it wasn't as pronounced. Nico is still my favorite character of the show.

After saying all these positive things, it would be weird if I didn't enjoy it. I loved watching this season start to end. You get more great songs, more focused character development, and everything you liked before. Season 2 is definitely worth checking out.