Mar 20, 2017
Plinfa-Fan123 (All reviews)
I've been looking for an sports anime, but not an usual one about soccer or baseball. In the end I collided with "Prince of Stride: Alternative" and gave it a shot. As far as I know stride is a fictional sport, mostly comparable to a mix of relay and parcour.

All protagonists have their own little background stories, which result in the slice_of_life part of this anime. Not extremely deep but still good enough to create likeable figures. And let's be honest: With a basis of only twelve episodes it would have been almost impossible to draw out more of the main characters.
Same case concerning the story: not worldshaking but still interesting by revealing a few twists towards the end. Moreover the story doesn't appear rushed and fills the little amount of episodes perfectly. Watching the stride-races was undoubtedly exciting and enjoyable.

The lovely animations and character designs are the main strength of this anime. Very smooth and dynamic movements plus unusual strong, sometimes cartoonlike colors express an unique charm.
By using powerful music the overall atmosphere of the anime is mirrored pretty good. While I liked the opening best because it set me in the right mood for the episode following, the ending rather appeared to be average and didn't really stand out.

The main topics of "Prince of Stride: Alternative" are quite similar to most of sports anime, since it's all about team spirit and faith and I think those topics are quite well implented. Another important part of the plot is "running" and "running away", which should be considered on different levels.

What we deal with here in the end is an overall solid anime that is able to tell its story within only a few episodes. Nevertheless it has potential which could habe been used better if there were more than just twelve episodes. After all most of sports anime usually need more room for character development due to numerous characters.
I recommend this series, which I believe to be slightly underrated considering its good overall quality, to every sports anime fan.