Mar 20, 2017
TheAnimeBong (All reviews)
The greatest flaw of this anime is that it remains an unfinished masterpiece. Truly the greatest pound for pound Shonen that exists. The main cast is full of unique and immersive characters, the only main two that stay consistent being Gon and Killua. That is where the true emotional attachment of this show comes from. Quite possibly the best bromance ever depicted on screen, their relationship feels natural and Gon's innocence and naivety interact well with Killua's knowing ways and hard upbringing. There is a reason these guys are shipped constantly/

Leorio and Kurapika are also fantastic characters, Leorio being one of my favorite characters ever for his goofy yet driven nature. He provides genuinly funny comic relief "Forget the part about me jacking off". Kurapika is a bit more of a stereotypical moody, edgy guy out for revenge, but his story makes for a great arc and his character is deeper than the 2D description I can give. The enemies of the show also have unique and sometimes downright weird personalities. Hisoka... just watch the show and you'll know- I think if I try to describe him it is gonna get weird in here.

OK, so being a shonen, this show is structures in arcs with the loose goal of finding Ging, Gon's father. Not all the arcs are as good as each other but all have merit, the standouts being Yorknew City/ Phantom Troupe and the Chimera Ants arcs. I found the Greed Island arc to be the dullest of the arcs with the complex card rules and plain annoying group of villains, but it was a great arc for showing the boys getting stronger.

As I said, the Chimera Ants arc was the best arc, with the payoff of the arc being very emotional, and the Netero fight was beautiful. My one criticism of this arc would be the sometimes slow pace and the overbearing nature of the narrator- probably my biggest gripe with the whole show and definitely scarred the arc. I am glad that only occurred for part of one arc rather than the whole series.

I would, despite the flaws, give this show a 10/10, but I simply cannot award perfect marks for an unfinished show- and this IS unfinished. The story is not over, loose ends and setups without payoffs plague many fans to this day. I highly recommend this show but oh boy will you be left wanting more.

Final score- 9/10, has the potential to be the best shonen ever written, perhaps it is.