Mar 18, 2017
Sterps (All reviews)
3-Gatsu was originally an anime I started watching because I love Shaft's other animes, but a few episodes in I started watching to follow along on Rei's journey.

8/10 Story:
The story resonates with me a lot. It's like a combination of figuring out life in the present and how to deal with your past at the same time. The story is more than just about shogi, it's more about the player. How he decides what pieces to use, what pieces to move, and try and overcome his next opponent/obstacle. It also applies to his life. He has his new family which currently guards him and his past (pieces he lost) which keep coming back to attack him.

9/10 Art:
This is pretty self explanatory. The art is unique and defines each situation perfectly. You can properly see how everyone is feeling in each scene. It's powerful and really makes you think back when you were hurt but then got through it thanks to a loved one.

9/10 Sound:
The opening/endings always seemed to tell Rei's story just by listening to it. Everything was made well to fit the mood. It wasn't forced like laugh tracks from 90s comedies but I knew when to smile, be sad, and root for them thanks to the sound.

8/10 Character:
As far from how much I like their characters, It's pretty much 10/10. The only reason it's an 8 is because some of the characters got underdeveloped in comparison to the main few. I love them all as characters from their realism, supportiveness, and silliness. Even the characters we know little about, I wanna know more about them cus they seem interesting. Rei's sister, Rei's future opponents, and pretty much everyones past.

8/10 Enjoyment:
3-Gatsu was that one anime I kept coming back to weekly. It was at times heartbreaking, heartrelieving, and at times very intense. I enjoyed the characters and the story that came with them, but at some points it was a little slow. I enjoyed it overall, and was happy as fk when they announced season 2 coming soon.

9/10 Overall:
Another one of Shaft's animes that I actually liked. Hope you give this anime a chance because everything about it is relatable and enjoyable at the same time.