Mar 16, 2017
RedVelvendetta (All reviews)
I'm a huge fan of Rumiko's work and I would say Rinne is a return to the style of Ranma and Urusei Yatsura. Which, depending on if you liked those works, could be a good thing or bad thing.

Personally I'm a huge fan of Ranma so I'm really enjoying this series! Just like Ranma, it has a unique and likable cast of characters and lots of comedy/hi-jinks. However, there's not much plot or character development. Don't expect much to happen with romantic development or any over arching plot lines. There's a lot of ghost-of-the-week type stories, and a couple recurring storylines about Rinne's father or some other characters but no major developments really.

But I don't expect Rinne to be more plot heavy like Inuyasha. It's definitely a comedy series first and foremost and it succeeds at that. I find it very funny although it may not be funny to everybody.

Last comment that I'd like to make is that I've also seen the first season of the anime adaptation, and imo the anime is not as funny as the manga and a little more boring so don't let that stop you from reading the manga! I think it's a lot better and the pacing is not as slow.