Mar 16, 2017
Niichan (Manga) add (All reviews)
zetsushiki (All reviews)
As a huge BL fan, I have to admit that many BL mangas either fetishize gay men or portray an abusive/unhealthy relationship between men and make things like pedophilia seem cute when in reality, it isn't. However we should keep in mind that even though many authors create these things, these are all just fiction and a fantasy for their readers in the end.

This is one of the most original stories I've read in a BL manga. I would give this a 10 for sure, because it explores the true reality of pedophilia and shows how it affects each of the characters in this story. In this manga, we're given a realistic perspective of how society doesn't accept homosexuality or pedophilia. This is different from most mangas I've read because often, the discrimination that gay people face in society is literally non-existent and they often don't represent gay people and the issues they face more realistically. Most shotacon mangas are also not that different because they focus more on the fantasy part to please the viewer, and less on what really happens to the pedophile.

Not much to say about the art because it's really well done. I think it expresses the characters emotions well and helps set the mood of the story. The proportions are well drawn and the art is aesthetically pleasing.

Many of the characters in this manga are interesting. You'll probably hate some of them but change your mind when you learn about their past. They are very realistic and also aren't one-dimensional or cliche. Their personalities are unique and I like how they're flawed. There was also a lot of character development in this manga, and that's a great thing because we can see how some of these characters change for the best.

Overall I really enjoyed this manga and I would give it a 10. This manga was very memorable, and focused on a topic that's out of the norm and very different from other mangas. Every chapter was full of suspense, in fact it was really interesting and horrifying to read that I just reread the entire book a few times until the final chapter was finally released on the internet. Although so many things happened, I'm glad it had a good satisfying ending. I have never ever read any of Harada's works before and this is my very first time reading their manga, but I would definitely recommend this manga if you're looking for something interesting to read ( as long as the pedophilia doesn't affect you ).